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  • EPON SU-8 (from Shell Chemical) is a negative, thick, epoxy–photoplastic, high aspect-ratio resist for lithography [80].
  • SU-8 is a UV-sensitive resist that can bespin-coated in a conventional spinner in thicknesses ranging from 1 to 300 m.Up to 2-mm thicknesses can be obtained with multilayer coatings.
  • SU-8 has verysuitable mechanical and optical properties and chemical stability;
  • however, it hasthe disadvantages of adhesion selectivity, stress, and resist stripping.
  • SU-8 adhesion is good on silicon and gold, but for materials such as glass, nitrides, oxides, and other metals the adhesion is poor.
  • The thermal expansion coefficient mismatch between SU-8 and silicon or glass is large.
  • SU-8 has been applied to MEMS fabrication [80,81] for plastic molds or electroplated metal micromolds.
  • SU-8 MEMS structures have also been used for microfluidic channels and biological applications .

Mechanical properties of SU-8 Polymer

Young’s Modulus 4400 MPa
Poission’s Ratio 0.22
TCR 0.183 ppm/degree
Thermal conductivity 0.073 W/cm-degreeC
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