Explain the Dicing

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 8 > MEMS Technology

Marks: 2M

1 Answer
  • MEMS technology is the batch fabrication aspect—hundreds and thousands of identical structures or microsystems are fabricated simultaneously on the same wafer.
  • Dicing separates these structures into individual components (dice) that can be later packaged.
  • A diamond or carbide saw blade, approximately 50 to 250 μm wide, spins at high speed and cuts through the substrate that is normally mounted and held in position on a colored “sticky tape” known as dicing tape.
  • Water flows continuously during sawing to cool the blade. Dicing is a harsh process conducted in an unclean environment and subjects the microstructures to strong vibrations and flying debris.
  • Retaining the integrity and cleanliness of the microstructures requires protecting the sensitive components from particulates and liquids as well as ensuring that they can survive all of the shaking.
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