Compare wet etching and Dry etching
1 Answer
Parameters Dry Etching Wet etching
Directionality Good for most materials Only with crystal materials [Aspect ratio upto 100]
Production automation Good Poor
Environmental impact Low High
Masking film adherence Not as critical Very critical
Selectivity Poor Very Good
Materials to be etched Only certain materials All
Process scale-up Difficult Easy
Cleanliness Conditionally clean Good to very good
Equipment cost Expensive Less expensive
Operational parameters Many Few
Typical etch rate Slow [$0.1 \mu m/min$] to fast [$6 \mu m/min$] Fast [$1 \mu m/min \ and \ up$]
Control of etch rate Good in case of slow etch Difficult
Application:For making very small features in thin films Possible to etch almost straight down without under cutting Undercutting problem will occur
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