The LIGA Process

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  • The term LIGA is an acronym for German term in

    “Lithography (Lithographie),

    Electroforming (Galvanoformung), and

    Molding (Abformung)”.

  • The technique was first developed at the Karisruhe Nuclear Research Center in Karisruhe, Germany.
  • LIGA process is radically different from silicon based micro manufacturing.
  • The major difference is that LIGA can produce microstructures that have high aspect ratio.
  • There is no restriction on using silicon or silicon compounds as substrate. Nickel is a common material for LIGA products.
  • It is easier to be produced in large volumes.
  • Major disadvantages of LIGA process is the requirement of special facility synchrotron radiation (X-ray) source, a very expensive facility.

Major steps in LIGA process

enter image description here

Fabrication of a square tube using LIGA

enter image description here

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