Failure Mechanism in MEMS and Microsystems

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 8 > MEMS Technology

Marks: 3M

1 Answer
Failure Mode Causes Probability
Mechanical Local stress concentration due to surface roughness. Low
  Improper assembly tolerances Moderate
  Vibration – induced high cycles fatigue failure Low in silicon, moderate in plastic
  Delamination of thin layers Moderate to high
  Thermal stresses by mismatch of CTE High
Electromechanical break-down Collapse of electrodes due to excessive deformation High
Deterioration of materials Aging and degassing of plastics and polymers. Corrosion and erosion of materials. Moderate
Excessive intrinsic stresses Residual stresses and molecular forces inherent from microfabrication. High
Packaging Improper bonding and sealing, poor die protection and isolation. High
Environmental effects Temperature, humidity, dusts and toxic gas High
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