Describe any one type of live axle.
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  • This type is a compromise between the full floating type and the semi floating type.
  • In three-quarter floating rear axle, bearings are on the axle casing and hub.
  • In this case, major part of vehicle weight is taken by axle casing and not by axle. This is the main advantage of three-quarter floating type over half floating type.
  • The axle shafts do not have to withstand any shearing or bending; it has to take only the end loads and driving torque
  • Thus, axle breakdown is less in this case compared to the Semi floating.
  • Even though it is better than the semi floating type, it is not as robust as the full floating type.

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There are three type of live axle in rear axle which are following:
i) Semi-floating axle
ii) full- floating axle
iii) Three- Quarter floating axle

Semi-floating axle :
Fig 13. 1 Shows a semi-floating type of rear axle. The wheel hub is directly connected to the axle shaft or is an extension of the same. The same inner end of the axle shaft is splined & is supported by a final drive unit, whereas the outer end is supported by a single bearing inside the axle casing. In this all, the loads listed above are taken by the axle shaft. The vehicle load is transmitted to each of the half shafts through the casing & the bearing. This causes a bending load & a tendency to shear at the point marked 'A'. Besides, the side forces at cause end thrust & bending moment in the axle shafts, which have to take driving torque also.
The semi-floating axle is the simple & the cheapest of all types, because of which it is widely use on cars. However, since the axle shafts have to support all loads, they have to be of larger diameter for the same torque transmitted composed to the other types of axle supporting.

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