Based on the following data, can you say that there is no relation between smoking and literacy.

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Marks: 8M

Year: Dec 2014

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Step 1 :

Null hypothesis : $(H_0)\ There\ is\ no\ relation\ between\ \ literacy\ and\ illiteracy$

Alternative hypothesis : There is relation between literacy and smoking

Step 2 :

L.O.S = 5% (Two failed tests)

Degree of freedom = (r-1)(c-1) = (2-1)(2-1) = 1

$\mathrm{\therefore }$ Critical value ${\left(X_{\propto }\right)}^2=3.841$

Step 3 :

enter image description here

$$X^2_{cal}=\ \frac{\sum{{(O-E)}^2}}{E} = 9.2129$$

Step 4 : Decision

Since $X^2_{cal}\gt\ $ ${\left(X_{\propto }\right)}^2$

${\boldsymbol{H}}_{\boldsymbol{O}}$is rejected.

$\boldsymbol{\mathrm{\therefore }}$ There is no relation between literacy and smoking.

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