Two methods of volume reduction.

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Year: May 2012,

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Volume reduction is the primary treatment given to the waste and can be accomplished by the following methods:

  • Classification of waste
  • Conservation of waste water
  • Changing production technique
  • Reuse and recycling
  • Elimination of Batch and plug discharge.

Classification of waste:

  • A survey is to be conducted to understand different process & sources of waste by drawing the mass flow diagram. This will able to separate lesser and most polluted waste.

  • The lesser polluted waste can be treated by some preliminary treatment and discharge it without being treated.

  • Elimination of this less polluted waste from the most polluted waste which needed a treatment reduces the volume of waste to be treated.

  • The cooling water from industrial process is mostly lesser pollutant and can be reutilized and eliminated from the treatment process.

  • Waste from mostly the manufacturing process need to be treated. For eg. White water from paper production unit, Organic waste from dairy industries.

Conservation of waste water:

  • Conservation begins when the industry changes from open to close system.

  • A case must be taken such that the conservation practices adopted should not give a net result as a loss.

  • An awareness program should be developed to eliminate the excessive wastage of resources.

  • A multiple reusing of the water should be practiced as far as possible.

  • Some of the conservation techniques are 1) install meter in each department to make operator cost and quantity important. 2) Regulate pressure to prevent needless wastage.

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