Explain in detail By product Recovery from distillery, tannery, dairy and electroplating industry.

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Great work Pooja....... I Viren B Chandanshive, pursuing PhD from Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai and working as an Asst. Professor in Vidyavardhini's College of Engineering & Technology. The way of representation of answers was very nice. Hope you will upload Streeter Phelps Equation and Some Purification numericals also.

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By product recovery from tannery:

  • Degreasing waste produced in the beam house, if subjected to suitable chemical treatment may yield valuable fatty acids which can be used as chicken fodder.

  • Glue and gelatin can be made from various tannery byproducts.

  • Foam generating substances can be made from limited fleshings, trimmings and shavings.

  • The fleshings are also useful for generation of manure, animal feed, amino acids, grease etc.

  • Lime liquors when mixed with sodium silicate offers itself as good cement.

  • Lime sludge can be made into briquettes for heating purposes.

By product recovery from distillery:

  • The yeast sludge from the distilleries contains the degradation product of the dead yeasts and organic debris from the malts like proteins, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates.

  • On the other hand the spent wash contains all the above nutrients plus unfermented sugars, amino acids, ammonium phosphates etc.

  • So two types of byproducts the nutrient rich animal feed, and the potassium rich fertilizers may be recovered in a distillery.

  • The segregation of yeast sludge for processing for animal feed is practiced in some distilleries, which in turn reduces the insoluble BOD load of the waste.

By product recovery from dairy:

  • The byproduct recovery from dairy industry can be done with the help of following method:

    • Treatment of cheese waste by cross flow ultrafiltration.
    • Use of CFUF in fermentation of lactose.
    • Use of cross flow microfiltration in the treatment of whey waste

By product recovery from electroplating:

  • Materials used in electroplating industries can be effectively recovered using following available technologies:

    • Evaporation
    • Reverse osmosis
    • Ion exchange
    • Electrodialysis
    • Electrolytic recovery
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