Compare Environmental Audit and EIA.

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Environmental Audit:

  • Environmental audit is defined as basic management tool which comprises a systematic, documented, periodic and objective evaluation of how well organization, management systems and equipments are performing.

  • A good environment management policy requires that there should be a constant effort to analyze and monitor various various industrial working system and processes to generate and transmit this information for the inspecting authority such as exercise which generates necessary information on analysis of pollution being generated or will be generated and completion of annual estimate has been termed as environmental audit.

  • Generally following are the 3 phases when an environmental audit is taken up for an industry:

    • phase: Preaudit activity- pertaining to collection of information.

    • phase: Activity at site pertaining to evaluation of information collected.

    • phase: Post audit activity pertaining to drawing conclusion and identifying areas of improvement if any.

Environment impact assessment (EIA):

  • Inorder to predict environmental impacts of any development activity and to provide an opportunity to minimize the negative impacts and enhance positive impacts, the environmental impact assessment procedure was developed in 1970.

  • EIA is an activity designed to identify and predict the impact on the biogeophysical environment and on mans health and well-being of legislative proposals, policies, programs, project and operational procedure and to inspect and communicate information about impacts.

  • An EIA may be defined as a formed process to predict the environmental consequences of human development activities and to plan appropriate measure to eliminate or reduce adverse effects and to argument positive effects.

  • The various steps involved are, Screening, Scoping, Prediction of impacts, Preparation of EIS report.

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