How First Year Engineering Students are different from their seniors in buying books?

How FE Students are different from their seniors in buying books

In this blog we shall see the 5 points by which the FE students are different form their seniors in buying books :

  1. First of all, the FE students have recently cleared their JEE/MH-CET/ any other entrance exams for which they referred to big big books and coaching institutes. Which makes them more affectionate towards books and when they come to FE, this affection and excitement makes them buy all the reference books or other books through which they can score max.
  2. Along with that most of us had heard “Engineering is Difficult” before we came into the field. This frightens the students in FE and out of all sorts of rumours they buy some books which are recommended by seniors or other professors. Most of the books remain untouched though..haha!
  3. After Joining engineering, while FE Students start studying they find things going technical…..and…. Interesting; and this give rise to Curiosity of learning more and reading more. Though this curiosity decreases as semester proceeds…Haha!
  4. The seniors are well used to the situations as they had already gone through all the FE things as I said earlier. These students , the seniors buy only the required ‘ GUIDES’ of the most popular publications for their subjects and usually don’t refer the ‘Reference books’; the studious ones do !
  5. Also most of the seniors either download soft copies of the books or make one and share, which decreases the number of people buying the book. Whereas FEs are always serious and prefer printed ones ! Haha..!


1) FE students just clear their entrance exams and have a habit of following standard state board/ central board/ international board textbooks, but when they join FE, they realize there are so many authors of the same subject and are normally confused deciding author's book to follow and study from.

2) Studious FE students who want to secure good marks will end up purchasing/borrowing all reference books from library and rack his head around figuring the concepts explained in different books and then unifying them together to make an appropriate answer.

3) FE students waste money and struggle thinking which books to buy and follow.

4) FE students normally don't have the habit of reading and studying from PDFs (soft copies) of reference books than the seniors.

5) FE students, new to the world of engineering, are unaware that university repeats 50-70% questions of past year question papers and end up studying everything which takes more time unlike the last minute learners who simply use KT280 solutions and easily pass the exam with decent marks.


"First year student's passing rate is 47% at the university level" This what they hear on the very first day of the college from Professors. This sentence itself is enough to make any JEE average scorer or even a JEE Topper to get anxious and frightened, Resulting in them buying almost all famous author's book that professors recommend them (no matter how heavy and fat they are) or they follow coaching classes notes and yes they don't settle down for Techmax or Technical,quite energetic!

Reason why they don't opt for Techmax or Technical is that they have been strictly told by professors not to study from such books and FE's being sincere they go by what professors tell them to do, quite energetic! Also the fright of them getting a KT right in the first year makes them to opt for authors book so that they don't miss out on anything. Not even a single chapter for option!

Coming to seniors, they are very relaxed as compared to freshers. They know very well how to score good marks even by studying limited portion. Seniors often compare different books before buying them. Even if professors suggest them some authors book, they first checkout those books from library, compare them and accordingly buy books.Read and download some online resources.Their ultimate aim is not only to get good CGPA but also to gain knowledge in whichever way they get. Intelligent and a very smart decision!

1 Answer
  1. FE students follow their professors very much.
  2. They buy what their teachers recommend.
  3. But seniors are different.. they buy everything not recommended to them.
  4. FE people are confused most of the time where to study from. So they mostly get books from bookstores asking bookstore wala which book to refer.
  5. Seniors directly get books from library.
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