Draw the isometric view using given F.V. and LHSV

enter image description here

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enter image description here

This one is bit tricky since many edges are not parallel to any principal (x, y, z) axes.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Draw base lines a-b-c-d-e and f-g-h which are parallel to principal axes.

  • From top most edge, draw i - j (40mm). Join j – e

  • Parallelogram ijkl can be constructed easily as the edges are parallel to either xor zaxes.

  • Now we need to locate nand vwhich is achieved by first locating m and p

  • m lies 15mm below l, so just draw lmparallel to y-axes

  • Point p lies (also v) on the slope as seen in LHSV of the question. But vcannot be located directly.

  • To locate p, first draw kq parallel to je

  • q is any arbitrary point

  • Now from m draw line parallel to z axis. The point of intersection with kq is p

  • Now, v lies 15mm to the left of p.

  • Locate r 15mm below n (70-40-15 = 15)

  • Parallelogram rstu can be drawn as their edges are parallel to either x or z axis

  • Join s – t, t – g and u – h

  • Done.

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