Differentiate between feedback and feed forward control system.

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Marks: 5M

Year: May 2014

Sr. no Point of Difference Feedback control system Feed Forward Control system
1 Definition Systems in which corrective action is taken after disturbances affect the output Systems in which corrective action is taken before disturbances affect the output
2 Necessary requirement Not required Measurable Disturbance or noise
3 Corrective action Corrective action taken after the disturbance occurs on the output. Corrective action taken before the actual disturbance occurs on the output.
4 Block Diagram enter image description here enter image description here
5 Control Variable adjustment Variables are adjusted depending on errors. Variables are adjusted based on prior knowledge and predictions.
6 Example Use of roll sensor as feedback element in ship stabilization system. Use of flowmeter as feed forward block in temperature control systems.
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