Differentiate between open loop and closed loop control system.

Mumbai university > Electro > SEM 4 > Principle Of Control Systems

Marks: 4M

Year: Dec 2014

Sr.no Point of Difference Closed loop control system Open loop control system
1 Definition Change in output affects input No change in input with change in output
2 Feedback loop Present Not Present
3 Error Correction Possible Not possible
4 Accuracy Very accurate Inaccurate
5 Bandwidth Large Small
6 Stability Stability should be considered during designing Stable
7 Construction Complex Simple
8 Sensitivity to noise Less sensitive Highly sensitive
9 Effect of non linearities Effect is reduced Highly affected
10 Block Diagram enter image description here enter image description here
11 Examples Missile launching system, Voltage stabilizer Water sprinkler, Traffic light controller.
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