Explain IS code method to design a circular water tank and sketch the reinforcement details also.

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Year : MAY 2009

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Jot down the data provided in the question.

Calculate :- $H^2⁄Dt$ with the help of given data.

Now from IS code :- 3370 (part 4 )-1967 search in Table 9 page 35

The coefficient at that particular value of $H^2⁄Dt$ to calculate Hoop tension

Hoop tension T= coefficient × WHR

$Astr = \dfrac T{σst}, Ast min$

Decide spacing and then calculate the final area provided

Apply a check this point:-

$σct=\dfrac T{1000 t+(m-1) Ast_p}$

Which should be less than the σct of that particular grade provided for design.

Vertical steel:

Again form same IS code Page.36 Table 10

Calculate the coefficient for both near side (-ve) as well as for side (+ve)

$BM=Coefficient ×WH^3 \\ Ast= \dfrac {BM}{σctjd} j=0.85$

Decide the diameter & than calculate the spacing.

Apply a shear check for its safety from same IS code page 37 table 11

pick out the coefficient for the value of $ H^2⁄Dt$ and put in the following formula.

$→ V=Coefficient ×WH^2 \\ → pt (\% steel) \\ → Z_c (page 91 IS 456-2000) \\ V_c=K\space \space Z_c bd\\ V_c\gt V (\text {Then it will be a safe design}.)$

Reinforcement details:-

enter image description here

Distribution steel is calculated using Ast min.

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