Draw sequence diagram for withdrawing an amount from ATM.

Subject: Object Oriented Programming Methodology (Computer Engineering - Sem 3 - MU)

Module: Classes and Relationships

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Following is the Sequence diagram for Withdrawing amount from ATM.

It'll consists of 4 Classes and sequence of data Flow between the classes is showed in the diagram below.

The Four Classes are

  • Customer
  • ATM Machine
  • Account
  • Processing

The different methods used between classes are as follows

The following is the order of the methods used in the program.

  1. Request kind()
  2. Enter kind()
  3. Request Amount()
  4. Enter Amount()
  5. Process Transaction()
  6. Withdraw from Checking Account()
  7. Withdraw successful()
  8. Transaction Successful()
  9. Dispense Cash()
  10. Request Take cash()
  11. Take cash()
  12. Request continuation()
  13. Terminate()
  14. Print Recipt()

sequence diagram for withdrawing amount from ATM

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