Write down features of Pentium processor.
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Features of Pentium Processor are as follows:

  1. 64 bit data bus
  2. 8 bytes of data information can be transferred to and from memory in a single bus cycle
  3. Supports burst read and burst write back cycles
  4. Supports pipelining
  5. Instruction cache
  6. 8 KB of dedicated instruction cache
  7. Two Integer execution units, one Floating point execution unit
  8. Dual instruction pipeline
  9. 256 lines between instruction cache and prefetch buffers; allows 32 bytes to be transferred from cache to buffer
  10. Data cache
  11. 8 KB dedicate data cache gives data to execution units
  12. 32 byte lines
  13. Two parallel integer execution units
  14. Allows the execution of two instructions to be executed simultaneously in a single processor clock
  15. Floating point unit
  16. It includes
  17. Faster internal operations
  18. Local advanced programmable interrupt controller
  19. Speeds up upto 5 times for common operations including add, multiply and load, than 80486
  20. Branch Prediction Logic
  21. To reduce the time required for a branch caused by internal delays
  22. When a branch instruction is encountered, microprocessor begins prefetch instruction at the branch address
  23. Data Integrity and Error Detection
  24. Has significant error detection and data integrity capability
  25. Data parity checking is done on byte – byte basis
  26. Address parity checking and internal parity checking features are added
  27. Dual Integer Processor
  28. Allows execution of two instructions per clock cycle
  29. Functional redundancy check
  30. To provide maximum error detection of the processor and interface to the processor
  31. A second processor ‘checker’ is used to execute in lock step with the ‘master’ processor
  32. It checks the master’s output and compares the value with the internal computed values
  33. An error signal is generated in case of mismatch
  34. Superscalar architecture
  35. Three execution units
  36. One execution unit executes floating point instructions
  37. The other two (U pipe and V pipe) execute integer instructions
  38. Parallel execution of several instructions – superscalar processor
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