Explain four P's with respect to Project Management. i) Product ii) People iii) Process iv) Project

The people:

People of a project includes from manager to developer, from client to finish user. however principally people of a project highlight the developers. it's thus vital to own extremely skillful and intended developers that the software package Engineering Institute has developed land Management Capability Maturity Model (PM-CMM), “to enhance the readiness of software package organizations to undertake progressively advanced applications by serving to to draw in, grow, motivate, deploy, and retain the talent required to boost their software package development power”. Organizations that brought home the bacon high levels of maturity within the people management space have a better chance of implementing effective software package engineering practices.

The following categories of people are involved in the software process.

Senior Managers

Project Managers



End Users

Senior Managers define the business issue. Project Managers plan,motivate, Organize and control the practitioners who do the Software work.Practitioners deliver the technical skills that are necessary to engineer a product or application.Customer specifies the requirements for the software to be developed.End Users interact with the software once it is released.

The Product:

Product is any package that needs to be developed. To develop with success, product objectives and scope ought to be established, various solutions ought to be thought of, and technical and management constraints ought to be known. while not this data, it's not possible to outline cheap and correct estimates of the price, a good assessment of risk, a sensible breakdown of project tasks or a manageable project schedule that gives a meaning indication of progress. Before a software project is planned, the product objectives and scope should be established, technical and management constraints should be identified. Without this information it is impossible to define a reasonable cost,amount of risk involved,the project schedule etc. A software project scope must be unambiguous and understandable at the management and technical levels. To develop a reasonable project plan we have to functionally decompose the problem to be solved.

The Process:

A package method provides the framework from that a comprehensive arrange for package development is established. variety of various tasks sets— tasks, milestones, work merchandise, and quality assurance points—enable the framework activities to be custom-made to the characteristics of the package project and therefore the necessities of the project group. Finally, umbrella activities becomes more prominent method model. Umbrella activities ar freelance of anybody framework activity and occur throughout the method. Here the important thing is to select an appropriate process model to develop the software.There are different process models available.They are Water fall model,Iterative water fall model,Prototyping model,Evolutionary model,RAD(Rapid Application Development) model, Spiral model.In practice we may use any one of the above models or a combination of the above models.

The Project:

Here, the manager needs to perform some job. The project contains all and everything of the entire development method and to avoid project failure the manager needs to take some steps, needs to fret concerning some common warnings etc. In order to manage a successful software project,we must understand what can go wrong (so that problems can be Avoided)and how to do it right. A project is a series of steps where we need to make accurate decision so as to make a successful project.

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