Explain in detail GSM architecture

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Marks: 10M

Year: Dec 2015, May 2016

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ME is made up of two entities

  1. Mobile Equipment (ME) – portable device
  2. Subscriber identity module (SIM)
  3. Protected by password or pin
  4. Smart card contains IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity)

BTS: encodes, encrypts, multiplexes, modulates and feed RF signals to antenna

  • Communicates with mobile station and BSC
  • Consists of transceiver (TRX) units

BSC: base station controller

  • Manages radio resources for BTS
  • Handles call setup
  • Handover for each MS

MSC: mobile switching center

  • Heart of network
    • Billing
    • Mobility management
    • Communication between GSM and other networks

HLR: home location register

  • Stores info about each subscriber that belongs to IMSC in permanent and temperory fashion
  • Contains IMSI

VLR: visitor location register

  • Temporary database which updates whenever new MS enters its area
  • Contains mobile roaming in its area

AUC: protects network from fraud

ELR: equipment identity register stores IMEI nos. and prevents calls from stolen devices.

OMC: operations and maintenance center for fault report, performance supervision etc.

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