Explain in detail MMDS and LMDS working in WLL based technology.

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Dear sir. I am a cable TV operator owning 20000 customer base spreaded in 1 town and 125 villages in my Taluk about 50 km from my headend. I have connected all those villages by OFC. Now I would like to make it wirelessly(MMDS). My questions. 1) Is this MMDS technology available in India ? 2) What is the frequency for MMDS in India ? 3) How many TV channels can be given in it ? 4) Which companies will supply the equipments ? 5) What is the procedure to get licence from Govt ? 6) In how many days licence can be got ? 7) Whomor which dept shall I contact for licence ? 8) Where the technicians or engineers are available for maintenance of the MMDS network ? 9) In Which countries MMDS has been already installed ? 10) What could be the total cost of the equipments required for my project? Pls sir answer me for this querry. Regards. Sir. Ramu Yallur.
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MMDS: Multichannel multipoint distribution service. It is known as wireless cable or multichannel multipoint distribution service, used for general purpose broadband networking or as an alternative method of cable television programming reception.

  • ICC has assigned five bands of frequency in US in range from 2.15 GHz to 2.68 GHz for MMDS


  • Larger wavelength of signal
  • Base station cost is lower

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LMDS: Local multi-point distribution system.

It is a broadband wireless point to multipoint communication system that provides reliable digital two-way voice, data and Internet services. The term "Local" indicates that the signals range limit. "Multipoint" indicates a broadcast signal from the subscribers, the term "distribution" defines the wide range of data that can be transmitted, data ranging anywhere from voice, or video to Internet and video traffic.

It provides high capacity point to multipoint data access that is less investment intensive.


  • Lower entry and deployment cost
  • Ease and speed of deployment
  • Fast realization of revenue
  • Uses low powered, high frequency (25-31 GHz) signals over a short distance.

Four parts in LMDS are:

  1. NOC (network operation center)
  2. Fiber based infrastructure
  3. Base station
  4. Customer premise equipment

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