Explain in detail Bluetooth architecture

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Marks: 10M

Year: Dec 2015

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Four main groups:

  1. Bluetooth core:
  2. Baseband (BB)
    • BB and LLC create a physical radio frequency link between devices thereby creating a piconet.
    • Layer handles power level operations
  3. Logical Link Control:
    • Segmentation and reassembly of large data packets
    • Services like multiplexing, to upper layer
  4. Service Discovery Protocol (SDP):

    • Information regarding devices can be queried
  5. Cable replacement:

  6. Call control in Bluetooth devices
  8. Emulates RS-232 control

  9. Telephony control protocols:

  10. Telephony control specification binary (TCS Bin)
  11. Configuration of speech and data calls
  12. Attention sequence (AT)
  13. TCS Bin defines AT commands to control mobile phone or modem

  14. Adopted protocols:

  15. PPP (Point to Point protocol)
    • IP packets are sent or received
    • Internet protocol (IP)
    • Distinct IP address is given to each device
  16. OBEX (object exchange protocol)
    • For reliable data transfer
  17. WAD (wireless application protocol)
    • Helps in remote control and data retrieval from PC to handset
  18. Vcard/vcal
    • For electronic business card and calendar
  19. WAE (wireless application environment)
    • All WAP resides in WAE
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