List four significant differences between file processing and database management system

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Marks: 5M

Year: May 2015

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File Processing System Database Management System
On the other hand, a file system is a more unstructured data store for storing arbitrary, probably unrelated data. A database is generally used for storing related, structured data, with well defined data formats, in an efficient manner for insert, update and/or retrieval.
A file system provides much looser guarantees about consistency, isolation and durability. While databases are consistent at any instant in time,provide isolated transactions and durable writes,
A file-processing system coordinates only the physical access to the data. A database management system coordinates both the physical and the logical access to the data
A file-processing system is designed to allow predetermined access to data (i.e. compiled programs) A database management system is designed to allow flexible access to data (i.e. queries)
Unauthorized access cannot be restricted in DBMS Unauthorized access is restricted in DBMS
Redundancy cannot be controlled in File processing system. Redundancy can be controlled in File processing system.
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