Define Energy Efficiency Ratio. Write a note on star rating of BEE.

Subject:- Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Topic:- Introduction to Refrigeration

Difficulty:- Low

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Energy Efficiency Ratio: the ratio of refrigeration effect produce to the energy consumed by the air conditioning or refrigeration system is known as the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER).

Performance of smaller chillers and rooftop units is frequently measured in EER rather than KW/ton.

EER is calculated by dividing a chillers's cooling capacity(KW) by its power input (Watts) at full load conditions. the higher the EER, the more efficient the unit.

EER = KW Refrigeration effect/ watt Input.

Star Rating: The number of stars displayed on the energy label. The available stars are between a minimum of one and a maximum of five shown in one star interval. The star rating is calculated from the star rating band.

The Star Band Rating is a range of energy efficiency ratio (KW/W) which is arrived by calculations and is used for determining the number of stars displayed on the energy label.

For the purpose of determining the EER of a model for labelling, two separate units of the nominated model shall be tested for capacity and energy consumption.

The star rating can be obtained from the following table valid for 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2017 enter image description here

The above table provides for the value of the various Star Rating Bands for a particular model. The Star Rating chosen for the model will be based on the lower and the upper limits of each Star Rating Band.

There is no tolerance for the Star Rating Bands. All tested products must meet the minimum threshold for each Star Rating Band. the scope for manufacturing tolerance and other variations shall be be accounted for when determining the Star Ratug.

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