Explain Business Intelligence issues.
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• Business Intelligence is about getting the right information to the right decision makers at the right time.

• It is an enterprise wide platform that supports reporting analysis and decision making.

• It leads to fact based decision making and single version of the truth.

• Information delivery is the core of Business Intelligence apart from, analysis to discover new insights and integration to implement these insights.

There are three major issues in Business Intelligence:

• Data mining methodology:

 Mining different kinds of knowledge from diverse data types.

 Performance: efficiency, effectiveness and scalability.

 Pattern evaluation: The interestingness pattern.

 Incorporation of background pattern.

 Handling noise and incomplete data.

 Parallel, distributed and incremental mining methods.

 Integration of the discovered knowledge with existing one : Knowledge fusion.

• User interaction:

o Data mining query languages and ad-hoc mining.

o Expression and visualization of resultant knowledge.

o Interactive mining of knowledge at multiple levels of abstraction.

• Applications and social impact:

o Domain specific data mining and invisible data mining.

o Protection of data security, integrity and privacy.

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