What is the importance of process sheet? what details does a process sheet contain?

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Marks: 10M

Year: May 2016


Route sheet or process sheet is the map or the blueprint of the manufacturing process in a production unit, providing the precise route or sequence to be followed. A processsheet describes the series of actions to be performed to achieve a particular task in the manufacturing or production process. Thus, a process sheet is a document which has information and instructions for converting raw materials into finished components or specific assembly; containing details such as material requirement, date and time, remarks, log in/out, etc.

Processsheets are essential for efficient planning to perform manufacturing sequences in an economical way. Different process sheets are prepared for different parts keeping in requirement of the components, equipment availability; their capacity and run time, number of skilled work force available, etc

A typical process sheet contains the following information:

  • Identification and sequence of work arrangement.
  • Drawing of part, assemblies or sub-assemblies of the product
  • Estimated number of units to be produced.
  • Machines, tools, jigs and fixtures used in the operation, their run time, efficiency and capacity.
  • Operations needed on the given part.
  • Sequence in which these operations are performed.
  • Inspection and quality assurance requirements.
  • Packing and handling instructions during movement of components through the operation stages.

Processsheets can be applied in different ways. They may be used as planning tools, and for quality control purposes. When used as planning tools, a process sheet may be used by different departments as they set up the step by step production of an item. Different supervisors and managers are able to monitor progress, production time, equipment use, and operator history throughout the production process using the routing sheet. Therefore, a processsheet can be used during planning, production, monitoring, and quality control for an item or items during the manufacturing process

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