What is Modulus of the counter? For MOD-16 counter how many flip-flops are needed?

Mumbai University > Computer Engineering > Sem 3 > Digital Logic Design and Analysis

Marks: 2M

Year: Dec 2016

1 Answer
  1. The 2-bit ripple counter is called as MOD-4 counter and 3-bit ripple counter is called as MOD-8 counter.
  2. So in general, an n-bit ripple counter is called as modulo-N counter. Where, MOD number = 2n.
  3. There are three types of modulus counter

    • 2-bit up or down (MOD-4)

    • 3-bit up or down (MOD-8)

    • 4-bit up or down (MOD-16)

  4. For MOD-16 counter 4 flip-flops are needed.

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