Project planning and Management of data warehouse.
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There are certain reasons for DWH projects failure which are as follows:

a Improper planning

b Inadequate project management

c Company not ready for a data warehouse

d Insufficient staff training

e Improper team management

f No support from top management

So, Planning for Data ware house is necessary which can be done as follows:

I. Key issues needs to be planned

  1. Value and expectation

  2. Risk assessment

  3. Top-down or bottom –up

  4. Build or Buy

  5. Single vender or best of breed

II. Business requirement ,not technology

III. Top management support

IV. Justification

The challenges which are there for Data Warehousing Project Management are as follows:


• Large number of sources

• Many disparate sources

• Different computing platforms

• Outside sources

• Huge initial load

• Ongoing data feeds

• Data replication considerations


• Storage of large data volumes

• Rapid growth

• Need for parallel processing

• Data storage in staging area

• Multiple index types

• Several index files

• Storage of newer data types

• Archival of old data

• Compatibility with tools



• Several user types

• Queries stretched to limits

• Multiple query types

• Web-enabled

• Multidimensional analysis

• OLAP functionality

• Metadata management

• Interfaces to DSS apps.

• Feed into Data Mining

• Multi-vendor tools

There are certain considerations in Project Management which are as follows:

• The effort of data warehouse project has been successful if there is critical effective project management.

• Project management issues are applied to build success data warehouse projects :

o Project management principles Some of the guiding principles that pertain to data warehouse projects exclusively are as follows:

o Sponsorship , New Paradigm , Data Quality , Building for Growth , Project Politics , Dimensional Data Modeling , Project Manager, Team Roles, User Requirements, Training, Realistic Expectations, External Data

o Warning signs

The warning sign indication action is explained below:

enter image description here

o Success factors

The success factors in project management are explained below:

enter image description here

o Adopting a practical approach

 A practical approach is simply a common-sense approach that has a nice blend of practical wisdom and hard-core theory.

While using a practical approach, you are totally results-oriented, and you are not driven by technology, you are motivated by business requirements.

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