Question: Write short note on diversion head works with sketch

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Year: Dec 2015

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The diversion headwork is a structure constructed at the head of the canal to divert the river water towards the canal, so as to ensure a regulated continuous supply of silt-free water with a certain minimum head into the canal. It usually provides a small storage capacity.

Purposes of diversion headwork

  1. It raises the water level in the river so that the commanded area is increased
  2. It regulates the supply of water into the canal
  3. It provides storage of water for a short period
  4. It controls the entry of silt into the canal
  5. It reduces the fluctuations in the level of supply in the river

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The components of diversion head works consists of:

  1. Weir or barrage
  2. Divide wall
  3. Fish ladder
  4. Pocket or approach channel
  5. Under sluices or scouring sluices
  6. Silt excluder
  7. Canal head regulator
  8. River training works, such as marginal bunds, guide banks
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