Question: Explain various factors affecting size of Apron. Draw neat sketch showing the basic parking configurations of aircrafts.

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There are three factors influencing the size of apron:-

(i) Position of gate

(ii) Number of gates

(iii) Aircraft parking systems

Position of gate:-

Position of gate is nothing but an aircraft parking area in front of or adjacent to terminal buildings. This parking space is used by a single aircraft for the purposes of loading and unloading of cargo, baggage and passengers.

Factors on which size of a gate depends

  • Size of aircraft
  • Type of parking

Number of gates:-

Predetermined hourly flow of aircraft should be easily and conveniently accommodated, hence determination of number of gates are essential.

Following are the various factors on which the determination of number of gates depends

  • Gate utilization factor
  • Gate occupancy time
  • Estimated peak hour volume
  • Gate capacity analysis
  • Formula to determine gate capacity

Aircraft parking systems:-

  • When the aircraft can be grouped with respect to the terminal building in various configurations or in various variety, then it is called as aircraft parking system or aircraft parking configuration.
  • Following are the four system or configuration adopted

    • Simple system
    • Frontal system or linear system
    • Satellite system
    • Open apron system or Transporter system
    • Finger system or Pier system

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