Question: Briefly describe the significance of drainage in Airport

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Airport drainage:

When a system in which the surface water of road is collected and disposed within right of way of a road, then it is called surface drainage.

This system prevents the surface water to flow from the pavement surface to the shoulders and in the sub grade or any other layer of the pavement.

Features of airport drainage:

  1. To collect the drained off water from the surface of road
  2. To keep the road surface dry from water
  3. To travel the collected water by gravity into the near by natural nalla or stream or river
  4. To increase the stability of pavement
  5. Function of side gutter is to collect the surface water. These gutters ultimately join the natural stream i.e. nalla or river
  6. These side gutters can be cheaply and easily constructed and maintained but it provides an unpleasant look due to deep ditch hence undesirable where traffic is heavy
  7. When the rail water or snow falls over the pavement it should be quickly drained off, otherwise it becomes problematic for the take off and landing operation. Hence the pavements are generally designed for the maximum intensity of rainfall for one hour period

Following are the five points to be broadly considered for the airport surface drainage:

  1. Purpose of surface drainage
  2. Time of concentration
  3. Runoff estimation
  4. Design procedure
  5. Surface drainage layout
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