What are the steps for the design of a column subjected to axial load and biaxial bending?

Mumbai University > Civil Engineering > Sem 5 > Transportation Engineering 1

Marks: 5M

Year: Dec 2015

1 Answer

Design of columns under Axial loads and Biaxial loading.

  1. Selection of trial selection for the design type of problems. Assume the 1% of steel from $P_u , M_{ux} , M_{uy} , f_{ck}, f_y.$

    $M_u= 1.5X(M_{ux}^2 + M_{uy}^2)^{0.5}$

  2. Checking the eccentricities ex and ey for the minimum eccentricities.
  3. Verification of eccentricities.
  4. Assuming a trial s/c including longitudinal reinforcemet.
  5. Determination of $M_{ux}^1$ and $M_{uy}^1$
  6. Determination of $P_{u2}$ and $α_n$
  7. Checking the adequacy of the section.
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