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Operating Systems - Dec 2015

Electronics & Telecomm. (Semester 6)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any three from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data if required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
1(a) Explain Monolithic Kernel Vs Microkernel.(5 marks) 1(b) How is a real time OS different from normal OS? What are the characteristics of a RTOS?(5 marks) 1(c) What is PCB? Discuss its major fields.(5 marks) 1(d) Explain different services provided by Operating System.(5 marks) 2(a) Suppose that a disk drive has 200 cylinders, numbered 0 to 199. The initial head position is at 100th track. The queue of pending requests in FIFO is 55, 58, 39, 18, 90, 160, 38, 184. Calculate average seek time for each of the following algorithm.
1.FCFS   2.SSTF   3.SCAN   4.C-SCAN
(10 marks)
2(b) Explain Linux Policy for Page Replacement.(10 marks) 3(a) Explain memory Management with Linked List and Bitmap.(10 marks) 3(b) Consider the following set of processes having their CPU burst time (in millisecond)

Process CPU Brust time Arrival time
PI 10 0
P2 5 2
P3 2 3

for each of following algorithm
(i) Draw Gantt chart
(ii) Calculate average waiting time and Average turnaround time
  (1) FCFS
  (2) SJF
  (3) Priority scheduling having priority range from 1 to 3, respectively for process P1=3, P2=2, P3=3 as given
  (4) RR (slice=2)(10 marks) 4(a) Explain process state transition diagram in UNIX.(10 marks) 4(b) Explain the working of EDF and RMA real time scheduling algorithm.(10 marks) 5(a) What is segmentation? Explain it with example.(10 marks) 5(b) Explain different allocation methods for files.(10 marks) 6(a) Explain table driven scheduler. What are its limitation?(10 marks) 6(b) What is Semaphore? How can we achieve the sychronization using semaphore for producer-consumer problem? Explain.(10 marks)

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