Explain the physical significance of the terms $\alpha , \beta \ \ \ \ and \ \ \ \ \gamma$ related to wave propagation in lossy dielectrics.
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Attention constant (α) - The rate of attention when wave is travelling in a lossy media is denoted by $α$ $$α=w \sqrt{\dfrac{μE}{2} \bigg(\sqrt{1+\dfrac{σ^2}{w^2 E^2}- 1}\bigg)}$$

Significance: A non zero value of α significance that the amplitude of waves decreases as the wave propagates.

Phase constant $(β)$ - Phase constant is used to determine the phase angle for a propagating wave.

$$β=w\sqrt{\dfrac{μE}{2} \bigg(1+ \dfrac{σ^2}{w^2 E^2}+ 1} \bigg)$$

Significance: For a propagating wave, its phase changes continuously which is determined by $β$. Propagation constant $(γ)$ – propagation constant is expressed in terms of attention constant and phase constant. $$γ= α+jβ$$

Significance: $γ$ signifies that as the wave propagates it gets attenuated and its phase changes.

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