Explain isotropic, Omni directional and directional antenna with suitable example

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 5 > Electromagnetic Engineering

Marks: 5 Marks

Year: May 2015

1 Answer

1.Isotropic antenna: The antenna which radiates equally in all directions is called isotropic antenna. The radiation pattern of this antenna is called spherical.

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2.Directional antenna: Radiates more in a particular direction and less in other direction

enter image description here

  • Major lobe | main lobe: The radiation lobe containing the direction of maximum radiation
  • Minor lobe | side lobe : Any lobe except major lobe.

3.Omni directional antenna: The antenna which radiates power only in one direction is called omni directional antenna.

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Isotropic – Sun, Bulb antenna

Directional – Dipole antenna, Folded dipole antenna.

Omni directional – Horn antenna, Yagi-oda antenna.

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