Give the comparison of FDM, FEM and MOM

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 5 > Electromagnetic Engineering

Marks: 5 Marks, 8 Marks

Year: Dec 2014, May 2015

1 Answer
Sr.No Parameter FDM FEM MOM
1. Domain used Frequency & time frequency frequency
2. Simplicity Simple Conceptually difficult Simple
3. Resultant matrix sparse Sparse Full matrix
4. Equation type handled Large Large Small
5. Memory Required Large Large Small
6. Boundary Used for finite geometry Used for finite geometry Used for infinite geometry
7. Principle Geometry divided into mesh Geometry divided into specific shape units Geometry divides into basic blocks, which has standard solutions
8. CPU time required Large Medium Small
9. No. of equation resulted Many Many Few equations
10. Wideband Not best Not best Good
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