5 Body Language Mistakes To Avoid During An Interview.
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It takes a lot of effort to land a job interview. But silly body language mistakes can daunt all your efforts to get the dream job. Here are 5 such common body language mistakes job seekers must not commit during interviews.

1. No eye contact

The amount of eye contact is a crucial assessment parameter for employers to gauge if the job seeker is confident enough or not and if he/she is insecure or deceptive.

2. Not smiling

Smile brings in warmth and energy. It puts the job seeker and the interviewer at ease. Failing to keep a smile on your face makes you come across as a grim and distant personality.

3. Fiddling with fingers

Toying with fingers creates an impression that you are bored or disinterested in the conversation. It may appear to the interviewer that you are not interested in the job at all.

4. Slouching in chair

Job seekers often don't realise that how they sit in the chair carries a lot of weightage in the books of an interviewer. So don't lounge. Sit straight.

5. Too many hand gestures

While it is alright to do some of it to stress some crucial points but too much of hand gestures are distracting and simply annoying.

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