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Environmental Studies - May 2016

First Year Engineering (C Cycle) (Semester 1)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any four from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data wherever required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
1 The international protocol to protect the ozone layer is,
a) The Montreal protocol
b) Kyto protocol
c) The Vienna protocol
d) Cartagena protocol
(1 marks)
10 The universal declaration of Human rights was proclaimed by the UN in the year.
a) 1946
b) 1947
c) 1948
d) 1949
(1 marks)
11 The Leader of Chipko movement is,
a) Sunderlal Bahuguna
b) Medha Patkar
c) Vandana Shiva
d) Suresh Heblikar
(1 marks)
12 In an ecosystem the flow of energy is,
a) Bidirectional
b) Unidirectional
c) Cyclic
d) None of these
(1 marks)
13 E.I.A is related to,
a) Resource conservation
b) Efficient equipment process
c) Waste minimization
d) All of the above
(1 marks)
14 Taj Mahal at Agra may be damaged by,
a) Sulphur dioxide
b) Chlorine
c) Hydrogen
d) Oxygen
(1 marks)
15 Minamata disease is caused due to
a) Lead
b) Arsentic
c) Mercury
d) Codmium
(1 marks)
16 Who is the author of the book "Silent Spring "? a) Robin cook
b) Arthur Hailey
c) Rachel carson
d) Drawin
(1 marks)
17 Amount of oxygen percent in atmospheric air is,
a)0.03 percentage
b) 21 percentage
c) 36 percentage
d) 0.9 percentage
(1 marks)
18 Remote sensing is a,
a) Satellite system
b) Ground system
c) Sensor system
d) None of the above
(1 marks)
19 GIS can be expanded as,
a) Geological infomation system
b) Geological infomation system
c) Geographic internet system
d) Geodynamic information syatem
(1 marks)
2 Which of the following is not a green house gas,
a) Hydrochloro fluorocarbons
b) Methane
C) Carbon dioxide
D) Oxygen
(1 marks)
20 Geothermal energy is a,
a) Heat energy
b) Wind energy
c) Current energy
d) Solar energy
(1 marks)
21 The first international earth Summit was held in,
a) Johannes burg
b) Kyoto
c) Riode Janerio
d) Stock holm
(1 marks)
22 In aquatic ecosystem, phytoplankton can be considered as a,
a) Consumer
b) Producer
c) Decomposers
d) Macro consumer
(1 marks)
23 Which state is having highest woman literacy rate in india ?
a) Karnataka
b) Punjab
c) Rajastan
d) Kerala
(1 marks)
24 _________ are referred to as earth's Lungs,
a) Forest
b) Carbon cycle
c) Water sources
d) Mines
(1 marks)
25 Biomass power generation uses,
a) Crop
b) Animal dung
c) Wood
d) All of these
(1 marks)
26 The term ecosystem was was proposed by,
a) Jacob Van Verkul
b) A.G. Tansley
c) Costanza
d) Marrie Gibbs
(1 marks)
27 World Environment day is on,
a) 5th May
b) 5th June
c) 18th July
d) 16th August
(1 marks)
28 Physical pollution of water is due to,
a) Dissolved oxygen
b) Turbidity
c) PH
d) None of the above
(1 marks)
29 Which pyramid is always upright?
a) Energy
b) Bio mass
c) Numbers
d) Food chain
(1 marks)
3 Major compound responsible for the destruction of stratospheric ozone layer is,
a) Oxygen
b) CFC
C) Carbon dioxide
D) Methane
(1 marks)
30 Disfigurement in the teeth is caused by excessive amount of ,
a) Mercury
b) Nitrate
c) Fluoride
d) Lead
(1 marks)
31 Smog is a,
a) National phenomena
b) Colourless
c) Combination of smoke and Fog
d) None of these
(1 marks)
32 Which of the following is the source of Fly ash,
a) Vechicle exhausts
b) Sewage
c) Thermal power plant
d) All of these
(1 marks)
33 Ozone layer thickness is measured in,
a) PPM
b) Ppb
c) Decibels
d) Dobson unit
(1 marks)
34 Energy is measured in,
a) BIU
b) Bhu
c) Btu
d) Ntu
(1 marks)
35 Nuclear waste is active for,
a) 5 years
b) 10 years
c) 50 years
d)100 years
(1 marks)
36 Charnobyl nuclear disaster occurred in the year,
a) 1984
b) 1987
c) 1986
d) 1988
(1 marks)
37 Demography is the study of,
a) Animal behaviour
b) Population growth
c) River
d) None of these
(1 marks)
38 Ozone layer is present in,
a) Troposphere
b) Stratosphere
c) Mesosphere
d) Thermosphere
(1 marks)
39 The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) was established in the year,
a) 1974
b) 1982
c) 1986
d) 1976
(1 marks)
4 Which of the following is not a method for water conservation?
a) Rain water harvesting
b) Ground water extraction
C) Improving irrigation efficiency
D) Avoiding water wastage.
(1 marks)
40 Which of the following is NGO?
a) Narmada Bachao Andolan
d) None of these
(1 marks)
5 What is the permissible range of pH for drinking water as per the indian satandards?
a) 6-9
b) 6-8.5
c) 6.5-7.5
d) 6.5 to 8.5
(1 marks)
6 Water use for irrigation of food crops, fodder crops and medical herbs is known as,
a) Consumptive use
b) Commercial use
c) Auxiliary use
d) Productive use
(1 marks)
7 Global warming could affect,
a) Climate
b) Increase in sea level
c) Melting of Glaciers
d) All of the above
(1 marks)
8 The average life expectancy around the world is currently,
a) decreasing
b) increasing
c) not changing
d) stabilizing
(1 marks)
9 The objective of integrated child development services (ICDS) are,
a) Immunization
b) Health checkup and referral services
c) Pre school non formal eduaction
d) All of these
(1 marks)


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