Differentiate between effective and exhaustive software testing
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Difference between Effective Testing and Exhausting Testing:

Sr. No. Effective Testing Exhaustive Testing
1 Effective testing emphasizes efficient techniques to test the $s / w$ so that important features will be tested within the constrained resources. Exhaustive or complete testing means that energy statement in the program of every possible path combination with every possible combination of data must be executed.
2 It is a practical method It is not possible to perform complete testing
3 It is feasible because: a) It checks for s/w reliability and no Bugs in the final product b) It tests in each phase c) It uses constrained resources It is not feasible because: a) Achieving deadlines b) Various possible outputs c) Timing constraints d) No. of possible test environments.
4 It is cost effective It is not cost effective
5 It is less complex and less time consuming It is complex and time consuming
6 It is adopted such that critical test cases are concerned first It corners all the test cases
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