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Difference between GUI and Web Interface Design:


In GUI design,the characteristics of the interface devices such as monitors and modem are well defined and screens appear excatly as specified.

In Web design,the user devices may range from handheld mechanism to the high end work stations,it will be generated by both the hardware and the software.

2.User Focus:

GUI systems are normally well defined applications and the data about transactions and processes.

Web is all about information and navigation.

3.Data and Information:

In GUI system the data is created and used by known and trusted sources.

The web is full of unknown content and web content is highly variable in organizations.

4.User Tasks:

In GUI systems,the user can install,configure,personalize,start use and upgrade the programs and people become familiar with many of its feature.

Web Users do linking to sites,browsing or reading the pages,filling out forms,register for services participating in transactions,downloading and saving the pages,etc.,

5.User's Conceptual Space:

In GUI,the user's conceptual space is controlled by the program and application.

In Web,the user's space is infinite and generally unorganized.


The GUI,the users navigate through structured menus,lists,trees,dialogs and wizards.

The Web users navigate through links,bookmarks and typed URLS.


GUI systems enable the users to maintain a better sense of context and the restricted navigation paths.

Web Pages are single entities with almost unlimited navigation paths.

8.Response Time:

GUI response time is nearly instantaneous.

In Web it depends on the transmission speeds,page content and so on.

9.System Capability:

GUI system capabilities are only limited to the capability of hardware and the sophistication of software.

Web is more constrained,being limited by constraints imposed by hardware,software and the browser.

10.Task Efficiency:

GUI system are targeted to a specific audience performing specific task,efficiency of performing task is only limited.

Web systems tasks limited by the browser and the network.Websites are intended for everyone.


In GUI environment,security and data access can be tightly controlled in proportion to the willingness to invest resources and effort.

Web is renowned for security exposures,browser-provided security options have not been well understood by the average web users.


In GUI,the user assistance is an integral part of the most GUI applications,this assistance is accessed through the standard mechanism and help menus.

In Web,it cannot provide with the help system.

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