List Types of Failures in message passing system and how to overcome them?
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Issues/Failures in Message Passing:

  • A message is a block of information formatted by a sending process in such a manner that it is meaningful to the receiving process.

  • It consists of fixed length header and a variable size collection of typed data objects.

Address: Unique address of sender and receiver.

Sequence No. For indentifying lost messages and duplicate messages in case of system failure.

Structural Information:

  • Type: It specifies whether actual data or pointer to

  • No. of Bytes: Length of variable size message.

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Design Issues in IPC:

1] Who is sender ?

2] Who is receiver ?

3] Is there one receiver or many ?

4] Message Delivery Granted?

5] What should be done is receiver is not ready to accept the msg ?

6] Does sender need to wait for reply?

-- These issues are addressed by semantics of set of communication primitives provided by IPC Protocol.

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  • In blocking send primitive, if receiving process crashed or msg is lost due to communication, timeout is used.

  • In non-blocking, receive how receiving process knows msg has arrived in message buffer by 2 used:

1) Polling: Test primitives to poll kernel periodically

2) Interrupt:

  • Software Interrupt is used to notify receiving process.

  • This mtd is highly efficient and allows maximum parallelism.

If blocking, then synchronous communication and if non-blocking then asynchronous


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