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Image Processing - Dec 2012

Information Technology (Semester 7)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any three from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data if required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
1(a) Classify the following DT system on linearity, time in variance causality
(i) y(n)=nX(n)
(ii) y(n)=ex(n)
(iii) y(n)=x(2n)
(5 marks)
1(b) Consider the image given below. Calculate the direction of the edge at the centre of point of the image
(5 marks)
1(c) Show that the first difference of its chain code normalizes to its rotation.(5 marks) 1(d) Prove that two dimensional DFT matrix is an unitary matrix.(5 marks) 2(a) Find convolution of the two sequences
x(n)= {<u>1</u>,2,3}
(4 marks)
2(b) Find the energy of the signal x(n)
(6 marks)
2(c) A particular digital image with 8 quantization level has following histogram. Perform the histogram equalization
(10 marks)
3(a) What is morphology? Name and explain the basic operations in morphology.(10 marks) 3(b) For the 3-bit 4X4 image perform the following operation:-
(i) Negative
(ii) Thresholding with T=4
(iii) Intensity level slicing with background r1=2 & r2=5
(iv) bit-plane slicing for msb & lsb
(v) Clipping with r1=2 & r2=5
(10 marks)
4(a) Find 8 point DFT of x(n)
(10 marks)
4(b) Find the linear convolution of input f(x,y) with filter h(x,y).
(10 marks)
5(a) Find 4 point DFT X[k] using Fast fourier transform flowgraph.
(4 marks)
5(b) Explain one level Decomposition and Reconstruction of Digital Image using Discrete Wavelet Transform.(6 marks) 5(c) Find the arithmetic codeword of the message: INDIA
Calculate the percentage of compression and the Bits Per Pixel (BPP) of the compressed message.
(10 marks)
6(a) Given an input image f of size 3x3. Find the filtered image using median filter mask as given below:
(10 marks)
6(b) Write a note on DCT and its applications . Find DCT of the given 4x4 image
(10 marks)

Write short notes on any four of the following:-

7(a) Copyright marking(5 marks) 7(b) Lossy image compression(5 marks) 7(c) Handamard Transform.(5 marks) 7(d) Content Based Image Retrieval (C.B.I.R)(5 marks) 7(e) Region based segmentation(5 marks)

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