How to score good marks in Mumbai University theory final exams?

I am in Sem 6 Computer engg branch. Can anyone here advise me how to score good marks in final exams. I know you need lots of diagrams, point-by-point answers, neat and clear handwriting, content from reference books, etc. I have already tried doing these things but i am unable to score good marks in final written exams. Can anyone guide me? How to score 60+/80 ?


If the evaluation is in college level (2 and and 3rd year), then use your professors' notes.

  • Make proper block diagrams from reference books
  • write down the main attractive points
  • comment your programs,use flowchart s/algorithms
  • do previous 6-7 question papers (practice from solved question papers like KT280)

If you are appearing for final year, then it is not in your hands,as you do not know who is evaluating your paper and how. It depends on professor to professor.


Firstly if it's a technical theory subject:

  1. try to learn the concept on which the theory is explained.

  2. one the concept is clear, start to study the theory.

  3. now just understand it in simple english (or which ever language it is).

  4. finally relate it with the concept that you learnt before.

Secondly if it's something related to management or any similar:

  1. remember that they are explaining something which happens in real life.

  2. read a para or two, try to understand in simple english (or which ever language it is).

  3. relate it with some real time scenario.
  4. if you really cannot relate it, then at least imagine the situation how it might take place in real life.

Lastly if it's a dry / can't really relate to any thing, then

  1. study & understand the content in simple english (or which ever language it is).
  2. since you can't relate or imagine, one thing left is write, write, write and practice.

*NOTE: writing and studying is really an amazing way to remember for long term.

Thank you for reading!


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