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Software Engineering - Dec 2016

Computer Engg (Semester 6)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any four from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data wherever required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
1(a) What is software engineering? What are the characteristics of software?(5 marks) 1(b) Explain in detail the Unified process indicating workflows and process phases. What are the advantages of iterative development?(5 marks) 2( b) Explain Behavioral model and what types of "states" behavioral model represents?(5 marks) 2(a) What do you understand with the Validating requirements?(5 marks) 3(a) Describe the User Interface analysis and design process with diagram and Explain interface design element.(5 marks) 3(b) What do you mean by the term cohesion and coupling in the context of software design? How are these concepts useful in arriving at a good design of a system?(5 marks) 4(a) What is the fundamental difference between the structured analysis and object oriented strategies for requirements analysis.(5 marks) 4(b) Explain the quality attributes, considered in software design.(5 marks) 5(a) What do you understand by the term integration testing? Which types of defects are uncovered during inetegration testing.(5 marks) 5(b) What is the difference between alpha testing and beta testing?(5 marks) 5(c) What do you understand by White box testing?(7 marks) 6(a) Explain Boundary value analysis testing and orthogonal Array testing.(5 marks) 6(b) Explain smok testing and regression testing?(5 marks) 6(c) Basis path testing is covers all statement in program module.Justify with exmaple.(7 marks) 7(a) Explain COCOMO II model.(5 marks) 7(b) List the four P's of software project management spectrum. Explain how "the people" factor contributes towards the successof the software project.(5 marks) 7(c) Explain the decision tree for make /buy decision.(7 marks) 8(a) What is project scheduling? What are the basic principles of project scheduling?(5 marks) 8(b) What is time line chart? Explain with suitable examples.(5 marks) 8(c) What is Risk identification? What are the different categories of risk?(7 marks) 9(a) What is Service-oriented architecture?(5 marks) 9(b) What is OCL? Where it is used?(5 marks) 9(c) Discuss architectural patterns in details.(6 marks)


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