Explain the architecture of ISS in detail with neat diagram.
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ISS (Intelligent storage system)

Business-critical applications requires high level of performance, availability, security and scalability.

So, a new breed of storage solutions known as an intelligent storage system has evolved

These systems has an RAID arrays which controls the management, allocation & utilization of storage resources.

These systems has a cache with large amount of memory.

Components of Intelligent storage system

It consist of four component such as Front-end:

It provides the interface between the storage system & the host.

It consist of two components front-end ports & front-end controllers.

Front-end ports enable hosts to connect to the intelligent storage system

Front-end controllers- route data to & from cache via the internal data bus using command queuing algorithm first in first out, seek time optimization and access time optimization


This component enhances the I/O performance in an intelligent storage system.

It improves storage system performance by isolating hosts from the mechanical delays associated with physical disks

Accessing data from cache takes less than a millisecond.

Back end:

It provides the interface between cache & physical disks

The back end controls data transfers between cache & the physical disks, from cache data is sent to the back end & then routed to the destination disk

For high data protection & availability, storage systems, are configured with dual controllers with multiple ports.

Physical disks:

It stores data persistently

Disks are connected to the back end with either SCSI or FC interface

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