Write short note on NDMP
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NDMP specifies a common architecture for the backup of network file servers and enables the creation of a common agent that a centralized program can use to back up data on file servers running on different platforms.

By separating the data path from the control path, NDMP minimizes demands on network resources and enables localized backups and disaster recovery.

With NDMP, heterogeneous network file servers can communicate directly to a network-attached tape device for backup or recovery operations.

Without NDMP, administrators must remotely mount the network-attached storage (NAS) volumes on their server and back up or restore the files to directly attached tape backup and tape library devices.

Because NAS devices are dedicated file servers, they aren't intended to host applications such as backup software agents and clients.

Consequently, administrators have to mount every NAS volume by either the Network File System (NFS) or Common Internet File System (CIFS) from a network server that does host a backup software agent.


This method causes an increase in network traffic and a resulting degradation of performance.

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