What is RTCP? Where it is used? DIscuss different messages used in RTCP.
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RTCP stands for Real time transport control protocol.

  1. RTCP works hand in hand with RTP.

  2. RTP does the delivery of the actual data

  3. Primary function is to provide feedback on the quality of service being provided by RTP.

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  1. RTP is originated and received on even port number.

  2. RTCP communication uses the next higher odd port number.

  3. RTCP does not provide any flow encryption or authentication methods.

  4. RTCP used in IPTV, VOIP, SKYPE, T.38 fux over IP.

  5. RTCP support live streaming with the help of SS protocol.

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V - version (2 bit)

P – Padding (1 bit):- If set indicates that the packet has been padded.

PT – Packet Type

Type 200:- sender report

Type 201:- receiver report

Type 203:- Bye message

Type 202:- Source description message

Type 204:- application specific message

Length:- length of the packet content following common header.

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