5 study tips to top engineering exams

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Have you ever thought about topping in engineering exams? If you haven’t, you must know why to top in engineering exams. Topping an exam is not all about marks. It’s about knowledge, which is the best tool to beat your competition in and outside college when you go to work in the corporate world.

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Although studying for topping in engineering is more or less the same as your dream of topping in 10th or 12th board exams, here are quick tips to help you be THE topper of your class:

1. Start early:

Worst part about engineering is the fact that we get a lot of leaves for preparation before exam. That makes us all lazy and we do not read books till the end. We keep on postponing until the deadline hits us one fine day. With our hearts beating fast and our ability to handle last minute pressure, we get started. But that start is way too late to even dream of being a topper.

There’s no other way to success than starting from Day 1. College commences, professors start with the basics and you go back home and read through good books, that day itself!

2. Good books:

Toppers are different in both content and presentation. They are content-rich and have vast knowledge about the subject from different reference books.

Whenever a professor suggests some reference books, go to the library and browse through the book. See if the language of the book matches your reading habits, if it does, issue it and start reading! If some other book appeals to you, go for it. As long as you are reading good books, no one can stop you from topping.

3. Consistency:

Consistency is about developing and following through a habit diligently. The habit stays with you for a long time and eventually gives you good results.

Studies, when done on a regular, day-to-day basis, help you to get prepared for the final exam day. Studying regularly puts you in a good position till semester end. You get thorough with concepts and gain vast knowledge.

Take two hours daily from your schedule, that’s it! See how it will make a difference in this semester.

4. Revision:

Practice makes man perfect. It’s true in case of your studies too. When you have revised a concept quite a number of times, you quickly recollect the answers during exam. The answers are at your finger tips and you are left with time to write more and writer better.

5. Make notes:

I know the difficulty of finding concepts in different reference books, reading through them and then issuing many fat books. That’s where you can make your own notes and create your own customized answers with the best content, diagrams and statistics from the best books.

Another advantage of making notes is that during revision, you save time going through reference books again and you have your own ready-made answers.

So, start early, be regular and consistent in your approach and leave ample time in the end for revision. That’s surely going to lead you to the top.

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