How a good internship can kickstart your career
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There’s something special with the first work place on our CV. And more than the CV, there’s a special place for it in our hearts. Be it a small company or a big brand, it’s the first time we get exposed to the corporate world.

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And how do you define a good internship? It’s when you learn a lot practically at work. And how can it help you to kickstart your career? Here’s how:

  1. Knowledge, experience and learning never go waste. They will help you somewhere in the future. Remember how taking font style lessons at Harvard Business school helped Steve Jobs design different font styles in Mac.

  2. Networking is crucial if you are to survive in the small corporate world. You never know which contact from your first internship will be helpful where! They might help you to get your first dream job or you might stumble upon them in your new job or they might absorb you in their company itself! Anything is possible!

  3. If you intern with a brand, nothing like it! Having a brand name like Morgan Stanley or JPMC on the first page of your CV sets your impression high whenever you go out on job search. It opens a door of opportunities.

I have personally experienced how working with a brand for an internship during my MBA helped me cash on it during job search. And believe me, it works!

  1. And even if it’s a start-up, the amount of exposure is vast. In fact more than what you learn working for a big brand name. There’s always a dilemma in the minds of students whether to join a brand or go for a start-up. In a start-up, there are lesser hierarchies and hence you are responsible for a vast range of job types. That’s where you learn the most.

  2. A good internship makes you believe more in your own capabilities and increases your confidence. It develops a professional attitude in you and helps you get placed for your first job.

So buck up you all and go out there, search for internship opportunities, apply, interview and get through a company that will leave you with a rich learning experience.

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