FTR in SQA?What are its objective and steps in FTR
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A formal technical review (FTR) is a software quality assurance activity performed by software engineers.

FTR (Formal Technical Review) is also a learning ground for junior developers to know more about different approaches to software analysis, design and implementation. It also serves as a backup and continuity for the people who are not exposed to the software development so far.

The objectives of the FTR are:-

(1) To uncover errors in function, logic, or implementation for any representation of the software.

(2) To verify that the software under review meets its requirements.

(3) To ensure that the software has been represented according to predefined standards.

(4) To achieve software that is developed in a uniform manner.

(5) To make projects more manageable.

Steps in FTR:-

  1. The review meeting

Every review meeting should be conducted by considering the following constraints- Involvement of people Between 3 and 5 people should be involve in the review.

Advance preparation should occur but it should be very short that is at the most 2 hours of work for each person can be spent in this preparation.

The short duration of the review meeting should be less than two hour.

  1. Review reporting and record keeping

During the FTR, the reviewer actively record all the issues that have been raised. At the end of meeting these all raised issues are consolidated and review issue list is prepared. Finally, formal technical review summary report is produced.

  1. Review guidelines

Guidelines for the conducting of formal technical review must be established in advance. These guidelines must be distributed to all reviewers, agreed upon, and then followed.

For example,

Guideline for review may include following things Concentrate on work product only. That means review the product not the producers. Set an agenda of a review and maintain it.

When certain issues are raised then debate or arguments should be limited. Reviews should not ultimately results in some hard feelings. Find out problem areas, but don’t attempt to solve every problem noted. Take written notes (it is for record purpose).

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