What is an alloy? Explain the four purposes of alloying with suitable example
1 Answer

Alloy is a solid homogeneous mixture of two or more elements out of which one must be metal

Sr. No Characteristic Main metal Alloying elements Modification in properties of metal
1 Hardness Pure Lead 0.5%Arsenic Hardness of lead improves & it is used to make bullets
Pure gold copper Ornament of gold are prepared as hardness of gold improves
Pure Iron Carbon (up to 1.5%) Hardness,of iron improves,in the form of steel
Pure copper Tin &,zinc alloy,is harder than pure copper
2 Tensile strength Pure Iron Carbon (1%) Ten times increase in tensile strength of iron
3 Corrosion resistance Pure iron Chromium & Nickel Alloy does not get corroded even in presence of acid & moisture
4 Cast ability Pure lead Tin, Antimony Castability of this alloy,improves & hence it is used in making printing type
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